Fuel-Tech Online Bureau

History of the Fuel-Tech Bureau Service

The bureau service started from the needs of customers over the Christmas period to keep their systems running while most of the staff were on holiday.  Two years after starting this temporary service two of the customers asked us to carry on running the system as they got the best results over this period.

The service slowly grew to the point where extra staff was required to run all of the customers work, today all new customers go onto the bureau service as it has proven to be the best way for the Fuel Management System to be run. This is because fuel management requires constant attention and real understanding of the factors that affect the system.


The Benefits of the Bureau Service

*   A cost effective service as the monthly cost is less than that of permanent staff.

*   Control of stock and stock requirements.

*   Dedicated specially trained staff monitoring your vehicles.

*   Highlighting of possible problems immediately.

*   Independent assessment of fleet performance.

*   Reports are available on the web anytime.


Elements of the Bureau Service

*      The importing of transactions

*      Generation of audit trail and stock reports

*      Consumption Reports – per client/cost code/department

*      Summary Consumption Reports

*      Exception Consumption Reports

*      Monthly Stock Reconciliation Reports

*      Fleet Performance Reports

*      SARS vehicle usage Reports

*      Fleet OBC and CANbus importing

*      Bank and third party transaction importing

*      Bank transaction exporting

*      Third Party and accounting package exporting

Online Portal and Dashboard

The online portal is the website access for our bureau customers to be able to view their data anytime and anywhere.  The bureau service will still send out daily, weekly and monthly reports as they have always done but this is an added facility that makes it possible to gain access to your data.

In addition to being to create the same reports the bureau service prepares for the client, Micro-Alert has added a dashboard as well.  This dashboard uses more graphical representations of data and can be linked to live data (if the site is capable of supporting live data).  This can allow operations, debriefers and managers to have almost immediate access to their fuel data.


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