On-Road fuel card cloning

Calculating the fuel price

factors that affect consumption

buying rolling stock

The ever-increasing cost of fuel and low awareness have allowed the practice of on-road fleet card cloning to grow significantly.

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Understanding how the fuel price is calculated each month should allow significant savings through strategic purchasing of your fuel stock.

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Many factors can change consumption figures for your fleet.  Knowing what they are can transform your balance sheet.

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Knowing what factors to consider when buying trucks and other vehicles can save you money over the life of the stock.


Established in 1986 Micro-Alert has become an industry leader in Fuel Management Systems for the controlling of customers’ fuel usage at their in-house petrol and diesel fuel dispensers.

Micro-Alert installs the Fuel-Tech Management System. This includes all hardware and software necessary to manage a business' fuel requirements. The system also includes a number of ways to identify fleet vehicles ranging from magnetic cards to barcode scanners. This can be used to identify specific vehicles, drivers or pump attendants if required.  Many different types of transactions can be monitored in the system (for example, fuel, oil, services) and this includes any transactions done while on-road with the banks (for example tolls, parking and maintenance).

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