Benefits of the Fuel-Tech Systems

There are many benefits to installing the Fuel-Tech Management System that will all ultimately improve a company’s profitability.  It is important though to change the mind-set of fuel management from litres and consumption to costs.  If the true cost of lost or wasted fuel is calculated, a reliable Fuel Management System becomes a necessity rather than a convenience.

The many benefits of the Fuel-Tech System include:

ACCURACY OF DATA – Accurate information about operations allows for far better business decision. The recording of fuel issues are far more accurate as errors are reduced since the computer correctly records all transactions and allocates the transaction data: date, time, vehicle, driver, kilometres, litres, fuel type, site, pump and a unique transaction record number.

ELECTRONIC TRANSFER INTO FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS – Automation of data processes is the best way to save money.  Costly and time-consuming manual entry of fuel transactions into existing business management systems, internal or external, (e.g. banks or SAP) is eliminated by electronic transfer.  This frees operators for more productive applications elsewhere in the company and ensures that the correct department or external contractor is billed the correct amount.  One small key stroke error can be immensely expensive and can ruin long standing relationships.

ON-BOARD COMPUTER ELECTRONIC KILOMETRES – The system is able to collect event data from the VDO on-board computers to add event kilometres to our transactions to give electronic kilometres with our manual readings.  This allows very effective management of fuel consumptions and the ability to easily know which VDO units may need recalibration.  With the added function of the CAN Bus figures on the report, a difference between fuel issued and fuel used can be done to highlight possible missing fuel.  The integration between fleet On-board computers demonstrates the commitment of the Fuel-Tech Solution to finding the most technologically advanced methods of providing accurate data from multiple sources.

STATION SECURITY – Fuel has become a tradable commodity amongst many communities.  It needs to be protected and there is significant risk attached to the storing of fuel.  The Fuel-Tech System provides increased security at the pumps because none of the pumps will operate unless authorised by the system.  Complete integrity of the system is maintained by the use of a choice of magnetic cards, barcode labels, IButtons, proximity cards and smart cards.  Kilometre range checking is also done which also prevents unauthorised issues. The person who authorises the transaction is recorded as well as the vehicle in which the fuel was dispensed.  This means the system stops the fuel coming out of the pump unless the right person authorises it and if it is authorised, having the right information in order to complete the investigation into any suspicious behaviour.

STOCK CONTROL – Stock control is a necessary accounting procedure. Tank dip-stick and pump meter readings are reconciled with fuel receipts and issues on a daily basis for every site, tank and pump. This automatically turns the stock control nightmare into a hands-on up to date procedure.  Additionally, minimum re-order levels can be set and automated notification can be sent to the responsible person to order more fuel. 


 – Powerful database reporting facilities allow immediate pin-pointing of irregularities arising from pilfering and uneconomical vehicle performance.  Savings of between 5% and 7% of current fuel expenditures are possible as a result of more effective control and timely management action. Comparisons between different makes, models and fleet categories could lead to long-term savings resulting from strategic vehicle purchasing decisions.  The ability to compare a driver’s performance on different vehicles will also assist in reducing cost by checking of fuel consumption patterns that are out of the normal and where fuel is bought on-road.

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